Bridal Makeup

As the bride, you will be the center of attention and all eyes will be on you. It’s probable that you will be photographed on your wedding day more times and by more people than ever before. You and your guests will treasure these pictures – both candid and posed – for years to come. You want to make sure you look your best in every single photo – don’t leave your look to chance

As wedding photographers our goal is to provide you with beautiful pictures that will capture your special day and allow you to relive this important life moment. As we worked with brides in the past we noticed that many of them didn’t give much consideration to their makeup and skin preparation before their wedding day

Taking care of your skin and establishing a skincare regimen at least a week prior to your wedding can help more than you may imagine. You don’t want dry or tired looking skin and you want to keep breakouts at bay. You also want to consider the time of day your wedding and portrait session will take place, because the lighting used by your photographer affects how you will appear and how your photos will be edited. You also don’t want to try a new look for the first time on your wedding day or use products with chemicals that may irritate your skin.

We can help you make the right choices for your wedding day look. It is important that you are comfortable with your chosen look and still feel like yourself. This is why we encourage you to set up a consultation prior to your wedding day. You can try out the makeup and colors and Jen can get to know your personal style and preferences. After all, this day is about your vision.

Jen chose Arbonne products to use for bridal make up because they are formulated to be hypoallergenic, pure and gentle. They are never tested on animals nor are any of the ingredients used in the makeup. Most products are also gluten-free, and all are made in the USA. This eliminates most of the risk that you might have an allergic reaction to or be irritated by the products. (A non-Arbonne setting spray will be used to keep your makeup in place and looking fresh throughout the wedding.)

Arbonne also has three great lines of skincare products to help you prepare your skin for your big day. Your pre-wedding consultation can be a simple, one-to-one meeting with Jen. You can also turn the experience into something more fun. Jen is both an Arbonne consultant and a Silpada representative, and would love to help plan a fun event for you and your bridesmaids or a small group of friends and/or family.

You could host an Arbonne makeup party and give your bridesmaids a chance to decide on their looks for your wedding too. You’re encouraged to bring suggestions and pictures of what you like, or even what you don’t like. Jen will take pictures as you try different looks so you have a better idea of how you will look in your wedding portrait and will be able to make an informed decision about your bridal makeup.

You can also try on Silpada’s new line of bridal jewelry and some classic pieces to help you decide what accessories you might like for your big day. Your party doesn’t have to be a makeup party though. Jen can also plan a Silpada jewelry party, an Arbonne health & beauty party (focus on diet & skincare) or a pampering session. You can also come up with your own focus or theme. Trying on the bridal makeup can be integrated into the other themes or done before or after the party.

Benefits to hosting a party:

Try out the products and try on multiple looks, including jewelry.

See your looks in digital photographs.

Get a disk with pictures from your party.

Earn discounted Arbonne products and free or discounted jewelry, depending on sales at your party. This could be a great time to purchase bridesmaids’ gifts!

Get skin care samples to use prior to your wedding day.

Receive a hostess gift—your choice of preselected gifts or a soft cover photobook created from pictures taken at the party.

Have fun! After all, that’s really what parties are for.

Please contact us with any questions.

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